June 12, 2024

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Quake opens up fresh water source

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DUMKA: The earthquake on April 25 that killed thousands in Nepal and Bihar, had come as a blessing in disguise for villagers of Chandopani and its adjoining areas.

A fountain of fresh water was spotted by villagers on a dry pond.

“The water is flowing uninterruptedly from inside the waterbed of the pond and has spread to adjoining fields where grass has grown over a wide area and is useful for grazing,” Biti Marandi of Chandopani village said.

“We used to face acute water crisis, particularly during summer, as the ponds and other water resources dry up. The new source of water is a blessing for villagers here and the nearby areas,” said Pakushila Marandi, who owns the pond.

“The creation of artisan well in the pond might have been caused by internal pressure on a vast water resource inside the earth due to the quake,” said Ranjit Kumar Singh, teacher of geology at Sahibganj College, adding that such water resources are generally vast and must be utilized properly.

Courtesy: TNN

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