May 18, 2024

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Adding butter to coffee sends energy levels soaring

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coffee-with-butterNow a new coffee with butter that boost energy levels and could even help you lose weight

New York: A coffee executive has created a new coffee, which has butter as it’s driving ingredient. and is said to boost your energy and increase weight loss.

Dave Asprey, executive of the Bulletproof brand and blog told the Daily News said that just putting butter into bad coffee is a bad idea.

Asprey came out with the Bulletproof recipe, which calls for three ingredients, which are upgraded coffee, MCT (medium chain triglycerides) coconut palm oil and grass-fed butter.

The Bulletproof plan has caught the attention of people following paleo diet – a nutritional plan focusing on eating animal proteins and fats, a ‘Today’ show report said.

Asprey said that he re-engineered the process of making green coffee, and calls it the Bulletproof process.

He added that it affects how the coffee is grown, how it is treated and how it is shipped to the U.S.

On average, a cup has about 100 – 200 calories depending on how much butter has been added.

Courtesy: ANI

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