July 12, 2024

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Why Mondays are actually pretty great

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mondayAfter years of bashing and hating, it’s time someone stood up for Monday! Here are five reasons why Mondays are actually so great.

After years of bashing and hating, it’s time someone stood up for Monday! Here are five reasons why Mondays are actually so great.

I wonder if there’s any other entity in the world that’s as universally despised and dreaded as poor old Monday. From students to working professionals, to stay-at-home moms, everyone’s got an opinion on Monday – and it’s usually not a good one! And it’s not hard to understand the dislike; after all, Mondays play the unenviable role of following a weekend, groans and moans are to be expected.

In the spirit of seeing the brighter side of things, I decided to look for positive aspects of a Monday. I’m happy to report that I found quite a few.

Why you should love Mondays

Mondays offer you a fresh start

I remember my old school principal, who would always start the Monday morning assembly with a note of thanks for giving us the chance to start afresh. Whatever your shortcomings or failures had been in the past, Mondays allowed you to put on a positive attitude and go about your tasks with renewed energy and zeal. Be it a new job, an exercise regimen, or even the opportunity to go back to a project you’ve been working on for a while, Monday is always the preferred day to really start on something with renewed resolve. (I never heard of anyone say they’d start their diet on a Tuesday!) It’s sort of nice that however old you are, or whatever your past mistakes have been, you can always start afresh on Monday.

You get to go back to work on Monday

I know, I know, this may not seem like a positive point, but bear with me. The thing is, not everyone hates their job and getting back to work and accomplishing targets, making a difference and earning money can actually be very enjoyable for a lot of people. And Mondays are the days you get to do all this.

Monday gets you out of the house

While home may be where the heart is, outside can be a pretty great place as well. After lounging in your pyjamas all weekend, Monday forces you to get up, get dressed and get out! It also gives you a break from some of the less enjoyable aspects of home – nagging in-laws, demanding children and endless errands – everyone needs a break from them after some time.

It helps you appreciate the weekend 

If a weekend stretched on forever, it would probably not be much fun and what makes a weekend worth looking forward to is the week full of work in between. Monday also teaches you to make the most of the weekend.

Monday sets the tone for the week

If you can be positive and cheerful on a Monday, you know you’ll do well the rest of the week as well. So instead of sulking about the day, it may be a good idea to get up with a smile, start your day on a positive note and be full of hope for the coming week. There’s absolutely no harm in giving it a shot. After all, if things don’t work out as planned, you can always try again next Monday!

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