May 18, 2024

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Nudists strip off for World Naked Gardening Day

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Naked gardeners strip offINSTAGRAM

NUDIST: Women celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

The day sees green-fingered nudists go out en masse to enjoy nature and their own bodies.

World Naked Gardening Day has been held on the first Saturday of May since 2005.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Dan Adamik, founder of Young Nudists of Australia, explained what the day means to him.

“The number one appeal is being out in nature,” he explained.

World Naked Gardening DayINSTAGRAM

NATURAL: World Naked Gardening Day sees thousands strip off

“To experience life outdoors without the necessity of having to wear clothing that society cloaks you with.

“Wearing pants mean responsibility,” he added.

Far from being just about sexualization, Dan says World Naked Gardening Day is about “being outside swimming, lazing in the sun, being social with friends with zero judgement”.

Dan says that at work he has to wear a uniform, so he makes the most of doing duties around the house naked.

World Naked Gardening Day INSTAGRAM

CELEBRATE: World Naked Gardening Day has been held every first Saturday of May since 2005

“How easy would life be if you didn’t have to do the washing?” he added.

Dan claims people are becoming more and more accepting of gardening nude.

“To be opposed to the human body is to be opposed to yourself,” he said.

And although Australia is famed for its dangerous and deadly wildlife, Dan said he isn’t worried about coming into contact with giant spiders or six-foot snakes while nude.

World Naked Gardening Day INSTAGRAM

HEALTHY: Dan from Young Nudists of Australia says the day is all about body positivity

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