July 15, 2024

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I will join politics the day I’m totally out of work: Sambhavna Seth

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Sambhavna-SethSambhavna Seth, after hitting the headlines with her reality TV appearances, not to mention her Bigg Boss stint and her glam appearances in Bhojpuri numbers, is only happy to be sashaying to Bollywood item numbers these days. 

The actress, who is doing an item number in Welcome Back, however feels content with what showbiz has offered her so far.

“I never think about whether it’s too late to do anything or if a particular item song offer came in too late. I tend to go with the flow. Even though last minute changes happen wherein I come to know I’m not doing an item number I was supposed to, I don’t get disheartened,” says a grounded Sambhavna, who feels thanks to reality show stints, people perceive her differently.

Prod her more on life after reality TV stints and the actress is quick to answer. “I must say life has changed a lot after Bigg Boss. I got to do many reality shows, including Dancing Queen. I lead a good life and have bought a house in Mumbai. What else could I ask from life? Having said that, because of my reality TV outings, I am labelled ‘khatarnak’. And the moment people see the actual Sambhavna in real life, they tell me, “you are very sweet.” I am not khatarnak at all in real life,” says Sambahvna, who now wants to “focus on dance based reality shows.”

At the same time Sambhavna feels she has made the right career moves so far. “I am proud of doing Bhojpuri songs and films. There was a time when I did more than 250 films before Bigg Boss. And a lot of people told me not to do Bhojpuri films. But I’d think of ‘how would I earn my bread and butter?’.

My motto was clear — not to take a single penny from my parents. I had to think of feeding myself and my dog too. So I did Bhojpuri songs. Now the number of Bhojpuri projects I take up has reduced, but I continue doing those songs because of their popularity. I didn’t even know people even started calling me as Helen of Bhojpuri films!”

On the personal front, Sambhavna feels it is a bit early to think about marriage. “I want to give Avinash (Dwivedi) more time to settle professionally. There is pressure from my parents to think about marriage. But I’d like to wait for some more time. May be next year, I will think about marriage, but not now,” she says.

Quiz her whether she too intends to join the bandwagon of actors who have just joined politics, Sambhavna says, “I will think about joining politics the day I am totally out of work. More than anything else, politics is all about whether you have all the time to give to the people of your country. And when I am sure I have that time to give, I will think of joining politics.”

Courtesy: TNN

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