June 13, 2024

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Famous Bollywood Actress Insults Hindutva Supporters on Twitter, Receives Rape And Death Threats Openly

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Richa Chadha, the bold Bollywood actress is making headlines for all wrong reasons. Yes, the actress has been receiving death and rape threats after one of her tweets. Recently she issued a ‘public notice’ on Twitter stating that there is a need to get rid of Hindutva supporters in order to save the religion. Richa tweeted.

Richa Chadha To Act In The Biopic Of This Adult Film Star

“Yes, Hinduism is indeed in danger in India. Hinduism faces a threat from Hindutva supporters. Save your religion and get rid of these supporters of Hindutva. Issued in public interest.”

After her tweet, she was slammed by the number of users. They threatened her even. However, Richa didn’t get scared from these threats and gives an apt reply to the trollers. She posted the screenshot of the threats on her Twitter and captioned it as,

“Hey, Tweeps! Don’t care about the targeted abuse because there’s a lot of unemployment in the country. If someone needs to work for ₹10 per tweet, I don’t judge them. But RAPE AND MURDER threats? Come on”

In another tweet, she wrote,

“Dear unemployable,ten rupee troll, I’d like to remind you -ki aap sab ek jaise hain. You’re all the same. And also, plz don’t try whataboutery with me. Maine abusers ka theka nahi liya hai. All abuse is reprehensible and cowardly. (Dictionary khol ke dekh lo matlab).”

After this tweet, many Bollywood celebrities from Pooja Bhatt to Farhan Akhtar urged Twitter to take some actions against these open threats. Here is what they tweeted:

Courtesy: PagalParrot.com

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