July 12, 2024

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Rakhi Sawant wants another swayamvar in Rajasthan

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rakhi-sawantRakhi Sawant, who usually comes to the city for shoots, was recently in town to attend a wedding.

She told us, “Whenever I am in Rajasthan, I feel like a queen”, and then she quickly added, “Though I’m a queen in Bollywood but this state offers a unique charm and the hospitality makes everyone feel like a king or a queen.”

Rakhi remembered the time she spent shooting for the reality show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar in Udaipur a few years ago, and said, “I had a great time shooting for the show. I wish I could come back and spend some time in Udaipur. Kash phir se Udaipur mein Swayamvar ho. What a city, with lovely lakes and palaces! You can find romance in every nook and corner of the city.”

Another thing the actress likes about Rajasthan is its spicy cuisine and beautiful bandhej and lehariya skirts. She said, “Whether I go out for shopping myself or not, I always ensure that I have bandhej and lehariya skirts with me, especially bought from Jaipur. This time as well, I have told my staff to buy a black bandhej skirt. I have loads of Rajasthani stuff in my wardrobe. If I had the time, I would have gone to shop myself.”

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Courtesy: TNN

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