May 24, 2024

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Love the Elderly

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We are living in an Age where each & everything is done by machines. To cope up with such a world, we too are becoming mechanized, forgetting our human duties. This is reflected in our attitude towards the elderly, which is nothing short of callousness.

The problem of old age has emerged as a crucial moral issue of our times. The elderly, who have spent a good part of their resources, time and energy rearing their children, find those very children (now adults) lacking in care for them. They feel isolated at home, with no one to share their problems with.

Added to that is their children’s greed for whatever property they own, for which each sons & daughters consider themselves rightful heirs. Worst of all, the elderly are now even being packed off to old age homes to spend the rest of their lives in loneliness.

By neglecting the elderly, we are not just being ungrateful; we also incur the risk of being treated like them by our own children.

Only a thorough change in attitude can ensure happier and more fulfilled lives for our parents.          

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