May 23, 2024

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Rakhi Sawant loves to sleep without clothes!

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rakhi-sawantRakhi Sawant who is very much popular for her item songs drenched with stunning skin shows, is also notoriously famous for her outspoken attitude with which she often hits headlines. She knows how to be in headlines for every reason. She, once again made headlines with her latest interview.

Rakhi made some good news with her answers to some rapid fire questions she was asked recently. The answers that she gave will make you laugh to the core. She answered every question her unique style. From breakfast to nightwear to what she hates, Rakhi Sawant answered it all in one go.

When Rakhi was mischievously asked by a journalist what does she prefers to wear while sleeping, Rakhi immediately said that she hates to have clothes on her body while sleeping. She even showed her middle finger to show her diamond studded ring, when she was asked if she loves pearls or diamonds.

She added that in her recent dreams, she went on a date with Obama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was so impressed with her that he replaced Smriti Irani with her as the new Union Education Minister etc.

Some the answers that made us giggle:

Q.)What do you wear to bed at night?
A.)My born dress.Nothing!

Q.)An outfit you rarely wear?
A.)Saree. As it takes a lot of time to wear one. It covers me completely and people thus don’t recognise me.

Q.) Diamonds or pearls?
A.)I’m a diamond queen. I love diamond.

Q.) Hottest item girl in Bollywood?
A.) Me myself.

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